The waste management industry in India is in doldrums. Everybody is waiting for grants and subsidies from government. The requisite viability gap funding is eyed the traditional way of making money then accountability for services.

So our beloved India has become a waste land or land full of waste hills –

The puritan land of pious cultures, to be in harmony with nature in our basic psyche, is covered with plastics litter and we do a little.

It needs a customized systems innovation more than technology integration.

How many more cows will you let die, and how many birds will you let not fly,

How many years more will you let go, till the plastics litter,

onour earth may lie,


Come let’s do the good work together.

Let’s aim together:

no plastics to landfills, and  no plastics in our drains,

no plastics on roads, and no plastics on the rail roads.

No plastics in our cows gut and no plastics to kill our birds,

No plastics in our food chain or no plastics to kill our plants.

In service of the mother earth, we dedicate this system,

Don’t Throw, pick it up, and be a pick angel.


Being published shortly)

We have evolved a system and willing to speak to the knowledgeable group to implement in the country.